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When a Coroner will be involved

In the event of a sudden or unexplained death, or a death where the family doctor has not seen the person within the last 14 days before the death occurred, it will be reported to the Coroner.  This may delay funeral arrangements.

A Coroner is a lawyer or doctor employed by the Crown to investigate unexpected deaths.     

If the death is the result of a natural cause the Coroner will issue a notification that a post mortem is not necessary and registration of the death will be able to be completed.

If the death cannot be judged to be the result of natural causes the Coroner may call for a post mortem or open an inquest.  The death will not be able to be registered until the process is complete. Once the Coroner has completed their investigations they will issue an Order for Burial or Certificate for Cremation in order for us to proceed with the funeral arrangements. 

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